Wish to End Unplanned Pregnancy? Here’s the Best Choice

Unplanned pregnancies are usually experienced by a lot of women and about millions of them have chosen abortion to end their pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling when you expect and plan it accordingly. But to some that go through an undesired pregnancy, it becomes really difficult to choose whether to keep it or abort it. There are various reasons why women choose abortion wherein some common reasons includes career preferences, incomplete education, absence of the partner, unstable financial life and many more genuine reasons which leads to abortion.

Women can either opt for a surgical method of termination or you may as well choose to buy abortion pill online and opt for home abortion which helps abort pregnancy successfully without visiting the clinic. Medical abortions work best when chosen during 10 weeks of pregnancy but in case the duration crosses the time of 10 weeks it is recommended to choose surgical abortion. Make sure that you visit the doctor and consult them for the best method of abortion. In order to identify the exact days of pregnant women need to undergo an ultrasound test which helps detect the exact duration.

Which abortion pill is suitable for ending the pregnancy?

The most effective and suitable abortion pill advised for ending a pregnancy at home is the Mifeprex abortion tablet. Doctors highly suggest making use of the FDA approved tablet which has got excellent benefits. Mifeprex is also known as Mifepristone which is the primary medication. It is always advisable to combine the Mifepristone tablet with Misoprostol abortion pill that helps in successfully ending a pregnancy at home. The combination of these two abortion tablet leads to 100% effective abortion.

What is the mode of action of the two abortion pill?

Women that choose to buy Mifeprex online followed by Misoprostol abortion pill should be aware of the functioning of the tablets. The mechanism of the two pills is listed down below-

  • Mifeprex is considered as the anti-progesterone tablet which helps block progesterone hormones action. The delivery of essential nutrients followed by oxygen is stopped making it difficult for the fetus to stay alive. The fetus becomes lifeless when not provided with life support. Also, the cervix begins to widen and soften that makes it easier for the sections to expel.
  • The next medication of Misoprostol works by causing intense cramps. The severity of these contractions generally depends on the duration of pregnancy. The severe cramps lead to expelling of the pregnancy sections in the form of excessive vaginal bleeding. The bleeding is generally much more like that of a usual menstruation cycle wherein women pass heavy blood clots.

What is the procedure of consumption?

The instructions for consumption are generally listed on the guidance manual provided with the pack of the medicine. We have specified the precise consumption details below-

  • The first tablet of Mifeprex should be orally consumed.
  • Make sure that the medicine is ingested as a whole without breaking or chewing it.
  • The next four pills of Cytotec that is Misoprostol should be buccally ingested wherein you need to place two pills on both sides of your cheek pouch. Allow the tablets to melt and consume water post 30 minutes.

The abortion procedure generally ends in 7-10 days so visit the doctor for an ultrasound test post-abortion to confirm it. 

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