Buy MTP Kit Online- The Best Non-Invasive Method of Abortion

The MTP Kit is an assured pack of abortion tablets which is helpful in ending a pregnancy at home with complete ease. This non-invasive method of abortion includes a procedure wherein the pregnancy sections are expelled that happens to empty the womb. The procedure is generally conducted at home which is highly efficient and considered to be effective for those women that do not wish to move out of the house for abortion. The procedure includes the usage of two abortion tablets which should be consumed before consulting the healthcare advisor.

Women must first visit the doctor for an ultrasound test which helps in understanding the exact gestation of your pregnancy. For a pregnancy, the duration is 70 days or lesser it is advisable to buy abortion pill online and terminate a pregnancy through medical ways whereas if the duration exceeds the time limit of 70 days it is important to undergo surgical ways of abortion post physician’s consultation. To learn more about the procedure of abortion refer to the below mentioned details-

Compositions of MTP Kit

The MTP Kit is a complete composition of abortion tablets used for 100% effective abortion. The kit comprises of a single tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) and four abortion pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each). The combination of these abortion pills eventually leads to pregnancy termination at home in the best possible ways.

Mode of Action of MTP Kit

The two abortion pills tend to work in synergy which brings abortion. Let’s understand the mechanism of the abortion tablets-

  • Mifepristone is the primary abortion pill works as an anti-progesterone tablet. The mechanism of the tablet starts by inhibiting the mechanism of progesterone hormone which eventually leaves fetus lifeless. It also allows the cervix to widen which makes it easier for the pregnancy sections to pass easily. The procedure is conducted and occurred on the very first day of the abortion.
  • Misoprostol, being the secondary yet important abortion tablet is assigned to work by bringing the sections of pregnancy out. This happens when the abortion pill is expelled in the form of excessive vaginal bleeding. The intensity of the contractions generally depends upon the gestation of pregnancy. Women experience vaginal bleeding post consumption of the medication in 2 to 3 hours.

Regimen of Consumption

The procedure of consumption is not complex yet you must follow the instructions of consumption carefully. Before you buy MTP Kit online make sure that you consult the doctor for appropriate consumption or you may read the guidance manual-

  • The Mifepristone single dose has to be consumed orally with water. Make sure that you ingest the pill either over an empty stomach or light meal depending upon your preference. The procedure is taken further by Misoprostol tablets.
  • The four Misoprostol pills should be buccally consumed. The buccal ingestion requires placement of two pills on both sides of your cheek pouch and letting the tablets melt for about 30 minutes. Once the pills are properly dissolved make sure to consume water and take in the leftovers.

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