Cytotec- Excellent and Safe Pregnancy Ending Tablet

The safest and most convenient method through which women can conduct abortion at home without any problem in the 10th week of her pregnancy is through medical abortion procedure. Medical abortion is often looked up to as the effective method of ending a pregnancy at home which tends to allow the pregnancy sections to expel out of the womb. It is important to know your pregnancy duration which helps in choosing the method of abortion hence women are advised to buy abortion pill online only when experiencing a gestation of 10 weeks or lesser. The ultrasound test is helpful in detecting the exact duration of pregnancy hence women are advised to undergo this test before conducting abortion. Make sure that you also understand the appropriate details regarding the abortion pill precisely.

All you need to know before taking the abortion pill:

Before consumption of the abortion, it is important to meet your healthcare advisor or doctor and speak about your decision of abortion knowing whether it is right for you or not. The lab test or an ultrasound test is important for women. The nurse or doctor would inform you about the possible ways to prepare yourself for the same. You will also be provided with certain written statements that specify the essential details regarding consumption. Make sure to also note down an emergency healthcare number in case of any queries, concerns or emergency. Consumption of the abortion tablet causes excessive vaginal bleeding which is a part of the procedure hence choose to conduct abortion at home or any place that is comfortable for you so that you can rest properly.

Suitable abortion pills for conducting effective abortion:

The procedure of medical abortion includes consumption of two important medications which helps in bringing the pregnancy sections out and helping achieve successful abortion. It includes consumption of Mifepristone which is the primary abortion tablet available in the strength of 200mg and Cytotec which is available in a dose of 200mcg each. Women can buy Cytotec online and experience abortion with ease without conducting many formalities. Let’s understand the functioning of the abortion tablets-

  • Mifepristone assists in inhibiting the functioning of progesterone hormone which is essential for the advancement of pregnancy. As the supply of nutrients is restricted the fetus tends to lose a life and gets detached from the endometrial lining. The procedure is taken further as the components of the medicine causes softening of the cervix.
  • The Cytotec abortion medication is effective in causing the contractions in the womb. The intensity of these cramps generally varies as per the length of the pregnancy. The severe cramps further lead to the removal of sections in the form of excessive vaginal bleeding. Women generally experience vaginal bleeding within two to three hours of consumption of Cytotec medicine.

Consumption Instructions of Cytotec:

The medicine is generally provided with an information leaflet which comprises of all the information. Read the guidance manual properly and consult the doctors in case of any queries-

  • The dosage of Mifepristone is of 200mg which is supposed to be consumed orally with water. Make sure that you do not consume fatty meals or heavy meals before consumption. Ensure that you ingest the tablet as it is without chewing or crushing it.
  • The next Cytotec tablets should be ingested within 24 to 48 hours ensuring that you take the tablets buccally. The buccal consumption requires placing two tablets on both sides of your cheek pouch and letting the pills melt properly for good 30 minutes. Once the abortion pill is properly dissolved make sure to consume water and take in the leftovers.

Women tend to experience a few expected symptoms:

In almost every case of medical abortion, women tend to experience a few mandatory after effects which include excessive vaginal bleeding followed by severe contractions in the womb. Apart from these women also experience the problem of nausea, dizziness, vomiting, headache, tiredness, etc.

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