Doctor’s Highest Recommendation for Medical Abortion-MTP Kit

The decision of abortion becomes difficult for women in case of an unwanted pregnancy. In most cases, the undesired pregnancy comes your way due to several factors which include lack of precautions, failure of birth control pills and many more. A number of reasons make women choose abortion as their primary decision which includes educational preferences, career priorities, financial crisis, the absence of the partner, etc. It is essential to find better ways to end the pregnancy which includes surgical or medical abortion.

The surgical method of abortion is suggested in case the pregnancy gestation exceeds 70 days or in case of an ectopic pregnancy. On the contrary, women can buy abortion pill online and choose medical abortion in case the pregnancy duration is 10 weeks or lesser. Make sure to consult the doctor and opt for an ultrasound to check the exact duration of pregnancy or you may even count the number of days at home from the first day of the recently passed menstruation cycle till date. Below mentioned are the details regarding the suitable abortion tablet-

Overview of MTP Kit

MTP Kit is basically a combination of two essential tablets that are mandatorily used for 100% effective abortion. It mainly includes one Mifepristone (200mg) and four Misoprostol (200mcg each). The kit is approved by the FDA which makes it easier for people to build trust. The efficacy levels are high which helps in dispelling the pregnancy parts out of the womb in the best non-invasive ways. Make sure that you prepare yourself mentally before starting with the procedure of abortion.

Working Pattern

Consumers that choose to buy MTP Kit online must be completely aware of the appropriate mechanism of the abortion pill which is specified below-

  • Mifepristone is known as the primary abortion pill which works by blocking the progesterone hormone. The progesterone hormone is basically responsible for delivering essential nutrients to the fetus for the purpose of growth. In order to end a pregnancy, it is essential to detach fetus from the endometrial lining which is fulfilled when progesterone is restricted from supplying nutrients. The cervix also widens with the help of Mifepristone which makes it easier for the lifeless fetus to expel properly.
  • Misoprostol being the secondary abortion pill works by removing the sections out when the tablet causes severe contractions in the womb. In most cases, the intensity of cramps differs as per the length of the pregnancy. The severe contractions in the womb eventually bring the lifeless fetus and its sections out in the form of vaginal bleeding. Women experience vaginal bleeding within 2 to 3 hours of consumption.

Dosage Instructions

The standard dosage of Mifepristone is 200mg which is advised to be consumed orally with water. Ensure that you consume the whole tablet without breaking or chewing it. You may ingest the tablets on an empty stomach or light meal depending upon your preference. After keeping a gap of about 24 to 48 hours ensure that you buccally ingest the Misoprostol pills. The buccal procedure requires placing of two pills on both sides of your cheek pouch and letting the pills melt for about 30 minutes. Once the tablets are dissolved consume water and take in the leftovers to end the process.


The general after effects of MTP Kit includes excessive vaginal bleeding as well as severe contractions in the womb. Apart from the two mandatory after effects, consumers are likely to experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, tiredness, diarrhea, etc.


It is essential to follow the below-mentioned guidelines for effective and trouble-free abortion procedure-

  • Get an intra-uterine device removed before the procedure of abortion.
  • Make sure that you do not use the MTP Kit in case allergic to its components.
  • Women are advised to use large sanitary pads rather than tampons.
  • Consult the doctor for an ultrasound post 14 days of the procedure to confirm abortion.

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