MTP Kit- Assured Termination Tablet for Women Experiencing Undesired Pregnancy

About millions of women go through the situation of an unwanted pregnancy in their lives. It is essential to understand the criteria for termination which eventually concludes to a positive result. Most women choose to buy MTP kit online which assists in 100% pregnancy termination. The medical abortion is the most suitable form of abortion as it comes with greater benefits and fewer side effects. Women can actually experience abortion by sitting at home and carrying out the procedure in complete privacy. In order to carry out the abortion procedure, women must experience a gestation of 10 weeks or lesser. For pregnancy duration, more than 70 days women are advised to choose surgical abortion. We have lots more details pertaining to the abortion pill mentioned below-

What is an MTP Kit all about?

MTP kit is a suitable kit comprising of two important medicines which help conclude pregnancy with ease. It includes one tablet of Mifepristone abortion pill which comes in a dose of 200mg and four more pills of Misoprostol which is available in a 200mcg dose each. Both of these pills are made up of excellent formulas and components which allow the pregnancy sections to pass easily and successfully.

How does an MTP Kit work in the women's body?

It is essential to understand the working of abortion pills inside the women's body. The two abortion pills work to achieve a single target of removal of the fetus through natural means. Rest of the details are mentioned below-

  • Mifepristone being an anti-progesterone tablet works by restricting the progesterone hormone which is the sole provider of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. Eventually, the growth of fetus stops when it does not receive any nutrition. The fetus, as well as placenta, separates from the uterus during the procedure. Mifepristone also assists in the widening of the cervix which further benefits in easier expelling of the pregnancy sections.
  • Misoprostol known as a synthetic prostaglandin functions by causing severe womb contractions. The intensity of cramps is severe which naturally brings out the lifeless fetus. The expelling process is carried in the form of severe vaginal bleeding within 2 to 4 hours of consumption of the secondary tablet.

What are the dosage instructions?

It is important to understand the consumption method as inappropriate consumption causes ill-effects to health-

Users can buy abortion pill online and receive 1 Mifepristone which is advised to be orally consumed with water. You may take the tablets on an empty stomach or light meal, depending on your preference. Maintain a gap of 24 to 48 hours and buccally consume Misoprostol pills. The process demands to place 2 tablets on both the sides of the cheek pouch and letting the pills melt for 30 minutes. Ensure that you consume water to ingest the residues of the tablet to complete the abortion procedure.

Are there any possible ill-effects of the termination kit?

In case of an inappropriate consumption, consumers might experience few ill-effects. In most cases, consumers experience few general side effects such as dizziness, nausea, excessive vaginal bleeding, stomach pain, vomiting, etc. Seek immediate medical help if any of the following side effects last longer.

What precautions should be mandatorily followed by consumers?

Women consuming an MTP Kit must understand the safety information mentioned below-

  • Check with the doctor if experiencing problems related to kidney, liver or heart. Also women allergic to the contents of abortion pill must not use the medicine.
  • Ensure that you get an intra-uterine device removed before starting with abortion procedure.
  • The components of the medicine can stay in the breast-milk hence avoid feeding the newborn for few hours post consumption of Misoprostol.

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