Mifepristone- Best Abortion Pill for Undesired Gestation

Mifepristone is known to be one of the best pregnancy termination pills that have also been the first abortion tablets to be approved by the FDA. It’s been more than 15 years now that women have been choosing this medication for abortion. It has a worldwide availability and women wanting to abort an unwanted pregnancy can easily buy abortion pill online. Medical abortions are the most convenient methods of abortion hence the non-invasive method is chosen worldwide. Women can stay at home and carry out abortion in proper privacy. Make sure to understand that women experiencing a pregnancy of 10 weeks or lesser can choose a medical abortion and if the duration exceeds you may have to opt for a surgical abortion. Understand the details of the abortion pill mentioned below-

Working pattern of Mifepristone

  • The initial anti-progesterone abortion pill named Mifepristone is suggested to end a pregnancy. This abortion pill basically helps in making fetus lose life and stops pregnancy from advancing. The uterine lining breaks when the progesterone hormone stops delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to the fetus for growth purpose. The abortion pill does assist in ripening cervix which later helps widen the same and make it easier for the sections to pass properly.
  • When the Mifepristone tablet is combined with Misoprostol, which is a synthetic prostaglandin pill it makes the procedure simpler. It benefits by causing severe contractions in the womb. As the intensity of cramps is extremely high it tends to pass the sections out in the form of vaginal bleeding. Eventually, the womb empties and without any surgical efforts, abortion is been carried out.

Dosage of Mifepristone

The procedure begins when the consumer ingests one Mifepristone tablet orally. You can consume the abortion pill either on an empty stomach or light meal depending upon on your convenience. You may consume a fatless meal prior to consumption of the tablet. After about two days, make sure that you consume the Misoprostol pills buccally. It usually comes in a dose of 200mcg each hence you need to place two tablets on both the sides of your cheek pouch and let the tablet melt. Do not consume water in between the procedure and let the tablet melt on its own. Once the pills melt ensure that you consume water and take in the leftovers to complete the procedure.

Possible side-effects

Before you buy Mifepristone online make sure that you understand the possible ill-effects of the medicine. There are few mandatory after effects of the pill such as severe vaginal bleeding and intense womb contractions. Other than these, there are chances that you might experience a headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, stomach pain, etc. Seek medical help if the side effects persist longer than expected duration.

Mandatory precautions

Make sure to follow the below-given precautions carefully-

  • Get an intra-uterine device removed before the procedure of abortion.
  • Do not use the abortion pill an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Also, women above 35 years of age are advised not to opt for a medical abortion.
  • Make sure to visit the doctor for an ultrasound post 14 days to confirm abortion.

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