Don’t Panic over Unacceptable Pregnancy, Use Cytotec for Effective Abortion

Accidental pregnancy has been a common issue yet something which cannot be reversed but a person obviously holds an option whether to keep the pregnancy or to abort it. An unwanted pregnancy might bring about a sense of nervousness and confusion but you need not to worry as taking a firm decision might help you overcome the problem better and easier. Unwanted pregnancy might come your way due to the ineffectiveness of contraceptive pills, premarital pregnancy, etc. Women thus choose to buy abortion pill online when the life of mother or baby is at risk, educational priorities, career responsibilities, the absence of a partner, unstable financial conditions, etc. Medical abortions are suitable enough in order to get over an unwanted pregnancy. You can make use of abortion pills only when the duration of your pregnancy is 10 weeks or lesser.

Which is the suitable abortion pill for pregnancy termination?

Cytotec is an amazing remedy which helps terminate pregnancy successfully. It is a private mode of a pregnancy termination which allows effective abortion to be conducted at home without any problem. Cytotec is made up of Misoprostol which is its generic name as well as its composition. It is available in a dose of 200mcg each which is to be consumed under the strict guidance of your healthcare advisor.

How does the Cytotec abortion pill function?

Cytotec is a prostaglandin analog which works by causing the removal of the pregnancy sections. It helps to empty the womb without any surgical efforts. The medicine helps in causing severe and intense contractions in the uterus which detaches the embryo. It also contributes by shedding of the uterine wall which makes it easier for the pregnancy sections to expel properly. Further, it helps in softening the cervix which makes the expelling process easier and better. The sections of the lifeless fetus are flown out in the form of vaginal bleeding.

What is the exact dosage pattern?

It is important to understand an appropriate consumption pattern in order to avoid any ill-effects. You can always refer to the guidance manual and consume the tablets accordingly or consult the doctor regarding the same. Consumers that buy Cytotec online must read the below-mentioned pattern of consumption-

A total of 12 Misoprostol pills must be readily available. Women are advised to ingest pills 4 pills at once in three intervals. Consumers can either buccally or vaginally take the tablets but doctors recommended women to buccally consume the tablets wherein you need to place 2 tablets on both the sides of your cheek pouch and let them rest for about 30 minutes. You need to repeat this at least thrice and consume the medicines. With an interval of 3 hours make sure to ingest all 12 tablets.

What are the possible side effects of Cytotec?

Women are likely to experience some of the following side effects such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal cramps, excessive vaginal bleeding, etc. If any of the above-mentioned side effects persist longer than expected duration make sure to consult the physician immediately.

What precautions should be followed during the procedure?

  • Women must get an intra-uterine device removed before the procedure.
  • Avoid sexual intimacy, exercising or heavy workout.
  • Women above 35 years of age must consult the physician before consumption.
  • Make sure to visit the doctor post 14 days for an ultrasound to confirm abortion.
  • Consume healthy diet and healthy nutrition’s to keep your body healthy.
  • Also, keep your body hydrated and consume as much as water and juices.

Do not consume alcohol or smoke cigarette until the procedure ends completely.

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