How to Take Care of Yourself at Home during Medical Abortion

Once you decide to terminate your pregnancy at home with the help of an abortion pill, you also need to focus on other important factors that are essential for the smooth and effective process of abortion. When you plan to buy abortion pill online make sure that you also understand the possible factors that help you with the better process. You must keep a positive attitude and go ahead with the process but ensure that a medical abortion can be experienced if you fit in the criteria of the same. Women need to be 70 days pregnant or lesser which then makes them eligible enough for a medical abortion.

You must also make sure that your age is 18 years and above and only then you can experience the same. There are certain medical conditions as well that restrict the use of an abortion pill such as kidney, heart and liver disorders. Also, someone allergic to the components of anti-progesterone tablets must not use the medicine. We have few points and important information that helps in experiencing safe abortion-

Things to do-

The important factor that needs to be considered is the consumption part. Women are advised not to ingest heavy food items and rather they must rely on extremely light food. Also, make sure you drink plenty of fluids. If you experience diarrhea and are not able to keep anything then contact your healthcare advisor immediately.

Women tend to bleed much more than that of a normal menstruation cycle. Bleeding is experienced much more after consumption of Misoprostol which is the secondary abortion pill. You may experience bleeding for about a week and it tends to get lighter as time passes. You may consult the doctor and ask for the possible painkillers and medicines to cope with the same.

Physical care-

Women tend to customize their own kit of termination which includes the products that benefit in the easy and smooth process. We have certain items listed that can help you take care of yourself better-

  • Instructions to be followed written down by a professional healthcare advisor
  • Heating pads or hot water bags
  • Pillows, comfortable clothes, blankets
  • Emergency contacts
  • The stock of maxi pads
  • Pills to fight nausea
  • Painkillers suitable to the consumer
  • Energy drinks/ healthy fluids
  • Consume as much as water you can and keep your body hydrated enough
  • Light food items that you like

Emotional care-

Every woman tend to have different experiences hence there are few tips to deal with it-

  • You can find an appropriate distraction for yourself such as watch a movie, TV shows or grab a cup of coffee and your favorite book. Divert yourself from the discomfort and listen to some music or read magazines.
  • You can always have a companion, friend or family member with whom you can share your sorrows and spend time with. They can support you and help you out, for example, they can look after you by cooking for you and help you cope with fever or nausea. 

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