MTP kit terminates your pregnancy successfully!

An independent woman is competing with men on an equal level. But some things are in woman's life that she needs to suffer from. The woman may have many worries about the shape of her body, or the beauty consciousness etc. But when comes to physical strength that only gets affected because of many simple things like period, intercourse and the consequences of the intercourse. Now I will tell you the issues that generally a woman face At least once in her life. The woman is becoming very much stronger than the women before.

In early days due to unprotected intercourse and lack of sex education, the number of women getting pregnant was very high. Later on, after a few years when the population was increasing tremendously, the solution was developed to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. And that solution is abortion. An abortion is a term which means you can terminate your pregnancy. The first type of abortion invented to terminate an unwanted pregnancy was surgical abortion. The surgical abortion is the one where a woman undergoes a small surgery to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. Well, a few years later the new medication was developed which could also be used for termination of pregnancy. Such type of termination using medication is known as medical abortion.  Many medications are available in the market to terminate the unwanted pregnancy, but the most powerful and reliable medication is MTP kit.

The MTP kit is the popular medication used to terminate the 9-week pregnancy. MTP kit is a set of two medication mifepristone and misoprostol. Both of this medication togetherly terminate the pregnancy successfully. These two medications can also be used to terminate the pregnancy individually. The mifepristone is used to terminate the 7-week pregnancy and misoprostol is used to terminate8 week pregnancy. But 9-week pregnancy is more mature. That's why for termination of 9-week pregnancy, both these medications are needed to be taken in combination.

MTP contains 1 pill of mifepristone and 4 pills of misoprostol. Mifepristone is a pill which is needed to be taken first. Once the mifepristone is taken, then after within 24 hours misoprostol should be taken. Generally, the mifepristone is taken orally while a misoprostol can be placed under a tongue or can be placed in the vagina as well. The woman may suffer from various side effects after having an MTP kit.  But other than pregnancy termination one more benefit of MTP kit is MTP kit is available online. That means a woman can buy MTP kit online without asking any third person like druggist. Or the woman doesn't have to visit any shop she can just get MTP kit online.

After having an MTP kit the woman generally suffers from 3 side effects that are cramping clotting and bleeding.  But if the woman having MTP kit is not suffering from any of these side effects, then she should immediately consult her doctor. One fact of the medical abortion is that it will not help to terminate the pregnancy when the woman is normally pregnant. For the woman who is Ectopic pregnant will never be able to terminate her pregnancy with a hell of medication.

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