Abortion Contraceptive Pill is much better than Medical abortion!

“Abortion” is an important aspect in any woman’s life which is harder to go through. For some women pregnancy can be the most happiest moment  while for few of them it can be a bad news or completely unexpected. This unwanted pregnancy is the cause of having vaginal intercourse without any protection. Nowadays, there are various types of pills available in market. Most of this tablet’s seems to be useful. Even each and every woman should be aware of Abortion Contraceptive Pills. Yes it is more important to acknowledge that the advertisement of Abortion Contraceptive Pills is more important than any other product related to the intercourse.

Abortion Contraceptive Pills are considered to be more convenient than that of medical abortion. For the proper medical abortion one should visit hospital. The better way is to stay at home and have a pill after having vaginal intercourse without any protection. Yes! It is an easier way to deal with unwanted pregnancy. One should prefer the Abortion Contraceptive Pills over medical abortion as medical abortion technique take around twenty-four to forty-eight hours for unwanted pregnancy termination. Instead of the medical abortion, intake of Abortion Contraceptive Pill is more preferable and convenient so please have pill and forget unwanted pregnancy. Some women may hesitate to go in hospital and to ask about medical abortion, for those women Abortion Contraceptive pills is a best option.

Abortion Contraceptive Pill is helpful and preferable option rather suffering from the pain which a woman may have to deal during medical abortion. Some Abortion Contraceptive Pills are to be taken within seventy-two hours after having vaginal intercourse and some are to be taken during menstrual cycle for the birth control. Depending on the situation or condition one must consider what type of pill should be taken. If you have a doubt on the Abortion Contraceptive pill, then you should consider a doctor before having it.

Medical abortion is risky as well, because if a woman is pregnant and she went late i.e. after 10 weeks to hospital she may be on high risk of complications. During medical abortion, another risk is of post abortion infection. This post abortion infection are very rare but should be considered. In medical abortion there is various kind of abortion. Some of them are as follows:

Non Surgical Medical abortion:

Non Surgical Medical abortion should be performed in two to ten weeks of pregnancy. It stops the development of the unborn child. It may cause bleeding, pelvic pain, cramping etc.

Vacuum Aspiration:

Vacuum Aspiration should be performed in two to twelve weeks of pregnancy. Anaesthetic treatment is must for this kind of abortion. The cervix is opened and tube is inserted into the cervix .In this type of medical abortion the unborn child and placenta are suctioned out with the help of inserted tube.

Dilation and Evacuation:

Dilation and Evacuation should be performed in thirteen to twenty-first or twenty third weeks of pregnancy. Here the mother is injected with some intravenous medication to prevent the infection and pain. General anaesthesia is given and the unborn child and placenta are removed using forceps and suction curettage.

There are many more medical abortion techniques but instead of going through such painful procedure one can have  Abortion Contraceptive Pill after vaginal intercourse.

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