Frequently Asked Questions about Male Sexual Dysfunction

Most people with sexual disorders either go out of their way to find out the best possible ways to treat their problem by placing their queries on various health websites and referring to experts suggestion or they just be quite about it and not do anything but just deal with it on a every day basis. In the following article we will list you some of the commonly asked questions by people regarding erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunctions.

What are the Various Sexual Dysfunctions in Males?

On a medical aspect, the list of sexual disorders is too big but we are going to mention you some of the most common sexual problems in men which occur in day to day life. Erectile dysfunction, a condition in which a person finds it difficult to achieve an erection or even if he gets one, he is unable to maintain it for long period of time. Premature Ejaculations is the inability to hold the sperms for longer time and ejaculating before completing the sexual performance which leaves the partner unsatisfied. Impotence is another common sexual problem and is seen in most of the people with the age above 50.

What is The Age Criteria to Get Sexual Problems?

This is quite a genuine question often asked by many people on most of the online health blogs. As a person grows older by time, there are many hormonal changes in their body which sometime can a take a toll on them and lead to sexual disorders. In most of the young age people between 20 and 30, the common problems were erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculations. Impotence was found to be at the age of 50 plus and in some cases, impotence was noticed at an early age due to unhealthy lifestyle habits. As you grow older you will start seeing these changes in your sexual functioning:

  • You will experience a longer delay between erection and stimulation.
  • The quality of the erection will be less turgid.
  • The amount of sperm ejaculated will be less and also will come out with lesser force.
  • Ejaculatory volumes become smaller.
  • Time gap between frequent erections will be longer as you grow old.
  • Low libido and testosterone.

What Kind of Experts Deal With Sexual Problems

The universal answer for this question is a sexologist who can treat and cure all your sexual problems but there are different aspects on which you have to consult different experts. For instance, if the cause behind your problem is physiological then definitely a sexologist can help you out but if the root cause is on a psychological level then it is better you seek help from psychiatric or a psychologist along with certain medications which are available in the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

How Can Sexual Problems Be Prevented?

In Today’s generation where there is a remedy for almost every medical disorder, it won’t be difficult for one to find a suitable therapy for erectile dysfunction. We will have a look at some common procedure used to evade these sexual problems:

  • Use of Medications: There are n numbers of medications which can be used in preventing sexual disorders are easily available anywhere in the medical market. Some of the medications which have proved to be effective in treating male sexual dysfunction are Generic Viagra, Generic Levitra, Generic Cialis and Super p Force. These medicines have taken the medical industry by storm as it has seen the maximum sales in the past and also has satisfied customers all around the globe.
  • Counseling: Most people often try getting counseling from various health experts because they probably feel that their problem is more on the psychological level than physiological aspect. This is a very good practice as it helps one to reduce his mental stress and pressure while performing sex. As we all know that sexual performance is a combination of physical and mental coordination and to ensure where these two aspects are intact, it is suggested that you start attending counseling sessions.
  • Changing Lifestyle Habits: If you know that you have a very unhealthy lifestyle habits then you should change it right away. Switch to healthy lifestyle habits like proper hygiene, healthy food diet, and regular physical exercise frequent health check-ups which will boost your sexual reproductive system and also protect you from any sexual diseases like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculations.

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