5 Reasons for The Cause Pain in The Penis

We all know about Pain in the asses, but this particular one cannot be dealt with patience, especially when the reason is unknown. A pain in the penis can devastate the life of a man. After all, it’s his penis. Very few men ever experience a pain in the penis, but when and those who do, know how bad it is to do so.

Experiencing excruciating pain down there? Wondering why and what it could be? This article will tell you about the 5 reasons that could cause pain in the penis.

Tip Trouble

There is a very good chance that the burning pain at the tip of your penis is a result of using soap or shampoo. When soap or shampoo slips into your penis in the shower, you may experience burning pain in the tip of your penis. The burning pain can happen immediately after a having a bath or, in some cases, until the time you urinate.

The pain usually disappears within a day or two, but in the case that it persists, and is followed by a green or white discharge, there is a very good chance that it is indicating towards a STD (sexually transmitted disease). According to experts, if the pain is followed by pain in the lower back and stomach, the person could be suffering from the problem of kidney stones.


Sore Scrotum

You may experience a sore scrotum right after lifting something very heavy, or after standing for a very long time. The pain will diminish once you lie down and rest for a short bit. This pain is caused due to the swelling of the veins within your testicles. In the case that this is persistent of happens very often.


Painful Boners

Painful boners come from a condition called priapism.

Priapism is a condition in which a person experiences an unrelenting and painful erection of the penis. In this condition, the blood accumulated in the penis does not flow out of an erection, this blood that is stuck in penis gets deoxygenated and the excruciating pain starts to escalate. Priapism is often caused by mixing premature ejaculation medication with recreational drugs (for example, viagra taken with cocaine). So, believe those warnings that tell you not to consume recreational drugs when consuming p.e. or ed pills.


Groin Pain

The experience of continuous pain at the base of the penis, followed by redness or swelling can come from an infection of the epididymis.

Epidiymis is the storehouse of sperms, it is a place where they learn to swim. This bacterial infection is usually cause by sexually transmitted infections (STI) like gonorrhea and Chlamydia. In the case that you experience groin pain, consult a doctor immediately to avoid experiencing further pain.


Blue Balls

No, it is not a myth. The build-up of fluids in the scrotum leads to what is called Blue Balls. The condition is also referred as temporary fluid congestion or even vasocongestion and is accompanied by immense pain. The cause of this condition is rather very rare, but it does happen in certain cases. Blue Balls are caused when an adult male has not experienced sexual arousal in a very long time. Worry not, you are now informed that blue balls ease out naturally – you know what to do.


You just read about the 5 common reasons behind penile pain. If you happen to experience any pain in the penis, it’s probably from one of these factors.

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