Some Instructions To Postpone The Indigestion Fire During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is extremely awesome and blissful duration in every woman’s life.  Even though  it comes up with many struggles like  pain in back, severe fatigue, lot of sweating, itching sensation in the skin, swelling in foot region,  lack of sleep, regular lavatory visits, still but the lady is ever ready to stand for them, its all only for the sake of the infant. heartburn is the one serious issue, it could make that women, transform their awareness regarding the pregnancy. Now we will make a trial to know how and all woman could help herself to keep away this heartburn.  


The foodstuff we eat  moves along  the throat to the tummy. However, indigestion  or the heartburn happens when the lower esophageal sphincter is not properly closed  after every time passing on the swallowed food items to the intestine part. In this case, we can observe the acid refluxes return to the oesophagus region and women senses a heartburn.

Why heartburn bothers pregnant ladies more?

  • It is all because of the hormone relaxin, this harmone reduces the digestion in woman’s body, which means that  the foodstuff will be stored for very long time in the abdomen and releases much more acids in the body.
  • Second cause is due to the growth of the infant. As the baby is growing in increasing in size, baby exerts force on the abdomen and also on the lower esophageal sphincter region of her body, thus it leads to the acid reflux in the esophagus region.

The ways to relieve the heartburn pain:

  • consume smaller meals quite often: 

when you will know that you are with child ie, pregnant  the stomach will be already has gone through the extension form to provide accommodation for the infant. So, at this time there is no chance for the additional extension. Therefore, this is highly vital to consume considerably smaller meals more often. It  will be very helpful in appropriate digestion. So that you will not get any chance to face any such problems in the time of women’s complete pregnancy period.

Don’t ever get a thought  that you have to intake for 2; women just have to consume a nutritious and balanced diet. It is highly vital thing because if you eat more than how much your body can hold, it will be leading to gain in your weight will be included other than the heartburn and the acidity problems. very much weight gaining in the pregnancy period can be risky for the unborn infant and the mother also.

To overcome this we should make changes in the amount of food consumption like if you are taking 3 meals, then select a sixmeal course and you must confirm which is not more than one and half cup of the food. Consumption of  minor meals will make the digestion easy and proper.

  • Triggering foods must be avoided: 

Women must be aware of what they eat during the pregnancy, which could results in the heartburn in this case and completely avoid such foods. In case If you can’t avoid such foods, think eating them in less quantity. The general foodstuffs, which can trigger the heartburn are namely citrus fruits tomatoes, spicy, greasy and deep fried food, chocolates, coffee, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks. In each and every woman’s case this triggers will be varied.

  • Concentrate more on intake of fluids: Everyone know that fluids will pass on via throat to the stomach more easily when compared to foods which are solids. So, better increase the intake of fluid foods in the period of pregnancy. Concentrate on the rich protein shakes, smoothies, yoghurts,  soups; milkshakes, puddings and so on. however, try to select the diet based on rich nutritious liquid food and don’t decide on the basis of calories. However you can’t totally avoid the solid foodstuffs. But remember you must chew the food items correctly and take sufficient time for consuming the food.

Here are the easiest tips must be followed by any women during her pregnancy to run the things smoothly. Any women will be up for such beneficial simple tips because  if the mother is healthy then obviously her infant will be healthy.

Remedies to Check Heart Burn

1. Natural home remedies

To maintain the hygiene follow the simple home remedies bu making the benefit of the things which are readily available at home. Generally the naturally available resources will not usually have any kind of adverse effects.


Almonds contains very high amount of oil which is very beneficial in neutralising the extra acid present in the stomach. Almonds can make wonders on your body. So everyday eat some almonds and chew them clearly. Experience the relief in your stomach within an hour.

Aloe Vera juice

From the very long time its been proved that Aloe Vera juice is the best home remedy to treat for the heartburn. It keeps your stomach cool and avoids swelling in the walls of stomach.  There are variety of aloe vera in that consume the only one which is prefered for the intake.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away . apple is best medicine for variet y of diseases. whenever you sense the heart burn eat one apple and within few minutes your abdomen will be calm as apple neutralises the acid percentage in the stomach and avoids the heartburn isssue.

Baking Soda

Take half spoon of baking soda add it to a glass of water stirr well and drink it. It will relieve your acidity. This should not be followed everyday.

Chewing gum

Whenever we chew a chewing gum it releases saliva in our mouth, the rise in the saliva rate completely neutralizes the percentage of acid residing in the stomach.  Its better to prefer sugar free chewing gum which causes no side effects.


Turmeric helpful in proper digestion and it also acts as antiseptic. Try to add turmeric in your meal every time. If you can’t add them in your food then you can take the turmeric directly before the consumption of meal.

Potato juice

Extract juice from one potato and mix the extracted juice with the cold water. Consume  this juice and you will sense relieved. Potato juice clears the throat and balances the level of acid in the body.


Sometimes because of less consumption of water we can face acid influx. Regular intake of 2-3 litres of water every day keep you away from the acid flux. Water also helpful to keep your body healthy and avoids dehydration. Water removes all the toxins present in the body.

2. Foods to ignore

  • Alcohol consumption.
  • Cigarettes as we all know smoking is highly injurious to health.
  • Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons etc.
  • All kinds of Chocolates.
  • Caffeinated drinks like coffee.
  • Carbonated drinks like coke.

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