Meditation For Concentration

It is a well-known truth that meditation develops and rises your strength, your capacity to focus, this helps to concentrate on a specific object with simplicity and turns your life much more simple and easy.

Number of  times when our psyche ignores  to focus on things. In such times we are just physically present and mentally absent. Our mind focuses on somewhere else.  In such times we need to focus but we are unable to do it. Such scenarios can be widely seen in lectures, office times, schools, cooking, while watching tv too. Many times we just can’t control such things happening with us. To overcome this concentration issue mediation is the best medicine or the therapy.

Meditation is very helpful to boost up your brain and for the physical fitness. It helps you progress and rejuvenate healthy life. During olden times sages and saints used to perform yoga meditation to control their body, soul and mind for a great concentration. Meditation is a therapy in which mind and body should be in a combination to alter the chemistry of brain, this brings a balance in emotional and psychological levels. Meditation is a scientific idea that changes the format and function of the brain to the greater level. To focus on goals meditation channelizes the hidden energies present inside of us.  Regular practice of yoga can show drastic improvements in learning skills, thinking capacity.

Meditation techniques for high concentration:

Meditative Breathing:
All we should follow in this technique is close your eyes and in a specific rhythm inhale. This is one of the greatest meditation techniques.

Few of the steps to follow to perform meditative technique is given below.

  •  Wear comfortable clothes, keep yourself very calm. Stop thinking about the other things. Sit on the mat or the floor. Avoid haunched back sitting. Upright position need to be maintained as it will be helpful to breath in excess of oxygen.
  • Fold your legs easily and keep palms comfortably on thighs. Start inhaling oxygen , whenever you inhale hold the oxygen(air) inside for few seconds and then breath out in the same rhythm of breathing in.
  • Keep the breathe in and breathe out process in progress and start feeling your breaths. Oxygen travels from nose to lungs and starts spreading all over the body and rejuvenates each and every part of the body.
  • On a regular basis minimum 10 minutes you need to practice later you can increase the time gradually.


Object Focus Technique:

As the technique name itself says individual must pay complete attention towards some object. This technique is very much beneficial for the students and improves the method of studying. To practice this technique all you need is a silent place with lot of positive radiations. Be comfortable in your dressing and in a comfortable position you need to be seated.

Select the object which you want to target and focus. Objects can be anything like piece of paper. Painting, glass, statues, showpieces etc. once the object is decided stare towards that object and start recognizing the complete details of that object clearly, apart from that object you should ignore the entire world. Next step is concentrating on only one part of that object, for example if your staring at a painting of an actor focus on his one eye deeply. While focusing one must maintain their breathe in and breathe out constant. On regular basis one must follow this technique for 10-15 minutes in the beginning and gradually can be increased.

Meditative Counting Technique:

In this technique person must focus on two things, one is on breathing the second one is counting, this both this must happen in parallel. Once again all you want is a place filled with silence, wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. Sit in a position which makes you feel comfortable. The moment you are ready with the position start breathing in and out in a constant manner. Close your eyes slowly then start counting digits from 1 to 50 or 100 in a constant manner with no hurry and you can also count in reverse like 50 to 0 which makes your brain to work hard which in turn increases your capacity of focus.

In the beginning counting must follow constant speed later slowly increase the speed of counting. You can make the variations as you feel to do. The more exercise to the brain the more focus you gain. You can go for variety of number slots and speeds. Reverse counting is much beneficial to exercise your brain. For good results you can combine the two techniques like object focusing technique with the counting technique.


Chanting mantras is also beneficial for the concentration. Om is the very famous such mantra taught in meditation classes. Practice of yoga is also a very good practice which brings a great fitness for your physique.

Some other meditation like Buddhist meditation can be followed, zen to relax your mind and get a peace of mind. vipasana meditation etc. this hind of meditation helpful to keep your mind and body relaxed . to exercise your brain meditation is the very best way. Meditation has no age limits it can be practiced from the age of children to till the old age. For children meditation increases the memory, stress handling skills, focus, physical fitness. Meditation can increase the life span of any human being. People who suffer from less attention span must practice these techniques for better results. Meditation is always recommended for the individual who suffer from psychological diseases. People with Hyper activeness and imagination must follow meditation to keep themselves calm. For a logical thinking one must exercise their brain and bring up the ideas to make them real by practicing meditation. 

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