Information on Jaundice

Jaundice is popularly known as yellow fever. Jaundice is usually seen in infants and new born babies. Whenever the level of bilirubin and bile pigment increases in, which leads to jaundice. This disease can be seen in all the age groups. If jaundice occurs in adults it can be severe. The symptoms of jaundice can be noticed easily and treated effectively. Excessive secretion of bilirubin is called hyperbilirubinemia.

causes for jaundice:

We can find several reasons for the rise of bilirubin in blood. When the hemoglobin breaks down it forms a side products like bilirubin and bile pigments. When the liver function is improper it builds up the bilirubin in blood. This can happen due to the reasons such as

  1. Prevention of bile flow due to the obstruction in the bile – obstructive jaundice.
  2. Infection or injury or the cells of liver fails and blocks the liver function – heptocellular jaundice.
  3. Red blood cells (RBC) breakdown rises the level of bilirubin in the blood. – haemolytic jaundice.

The above mentioned can be caused due to many diseases like liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis, drug induced hepatitis, cirrhosis, hepatitis, malaria, hepatotoxicity, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, spherocytosis, gallstones viral hepatitis etc.

Symptoms of jaundice:

Jaundice symptoms are discovered and diagnosed easily. Jaundice targets the liver and causes damage to the liver cells. The major and noticeable symptom of jaundice is Skin color turns yellow and white part of turns out yellowish. Severe head ache and confusions are experienced. Mucous membranes also turn yellowish. Fever, chills, flu and abdominal pains can be experienced sometimes. Color of urine changes to tea color or yellow. Stools appear in white color. Itching of the skin causes discomfort to the patient. Other symptoms of jaundice are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss. Immune system will be weakened due to loss of appetite. Weakened immune system is highly susceptible to other infectious disorder. Swelling of legs and feet is the characteristic of liver cirrhosis. Pain around the liver, weakness, severe constipation.

Symptoms in the newborn are seizures, crying with high pitch, lethargy, muscle tone change, poor feeding etc.

The progress leads from head to trunk and then to the hands and limbs.

Is jaundice is contagious disease:

Jaundice disease is not at all contagious. This disease occurs because of improper functioning of the liver so this disorder cannot be transmitted from one individual to other.


Treatment given according to the severity of jaundice. Primarily we need to discover the exact cause of the disease to give the treatment for the patient. If this disease is caused because of gallstones, then the treatment related for gallstones as well as jaundice should be given. Proper medication should be taken and care should be taken. In severe cases hospitalization might be required. Test of liver function and liver biopsy must be performed to confirm the liver cancer or cirrhosis.MRI, CT scanning, x-ray, ultrasound is performed. Operation is done to unblock when the bile duct is blocked. Severe damage of liver may need transplantation in some cases. Sickle cell anaemia like genetic disease cannot get better, in this case the transfusion of blood for RBC replenishment is done.

Diet need to be followed:

Diets containing high proteins, vitamin B, vitamin C should be taken to recover from jaundice.

In the beginning raw juice diet should be followed for 3-5 days. Fresh vegetables and fruits must be consumed regularly. Juices of orange, grapes, lemons, sugar cane pears and carrots can be taken. Radishes and their leaves are highly beneficial in curing the jaundice. Steamed leafy foods containing spinach, fenugreek, wheat tortilla of wheat flour must be taken for the lunch along with the butter milk and salad of raw vegetables. Potatoes and other boiled fresh vegetables included in the dinner with variety of juices. Consume a glass of skimmed milk mixed with two spoons of natural honey.   Homemade and freshly cooked foods are beneficial for the cure of the disease. Drink plenty of water and coconut water which keeps patient away from dehydration. Consuming more and more water can cure the jaundice very effectively as the water removes the toxins present in the body. Add one spoon of honey, half spoon of lime juice to a glass of water mix it well and consume it, which strengthens the immune system of the body.

Foods must be avoided:

Oily, fried, greasy foods must be avoided. Alcohol consumption can cause the damage of liver cells and leads to complications. Pickles, fatty foods, meats, clarified butter and pulses must be avoided. Caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee must be completely removed from diet. Junk and processed fast foods must be completely avoided till the recovery. Foods which can be easily digested must be taken. Disturbance for the digestive system due to high calorie foods are totally ignored.

In kids jaundice is not severe but in adults it is highly dangerous as it causes other serious diseases. It can be cured only when the proper treatment is taken in a right time. Supplements and nutrition is vital part of the treatment for jaundice. Moderate exercising habits can be done.

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