An erectile dysfunction is a kind of sexual disorder found in men of 50s and 60s. It is also called impotence,which turns the men incapable to achieve and sustain an erection of the penis required for the sexual satisfaction. It is considered most embarrassing stage in men,which fail them enjoy on the bed and fulfills the desire of the partner. An erectile dysfunction is a form of complicated sexual disorder not a disease; it will lasts through out your life, but can be mended by taking certain types of ED mending drugs known as generic Viagra, sildenafil citrate, kamagra, Cialis, Levitrasuper P force, etc. the condition seems affecting most of the men around the globe, which makes them incapable to take pleasure of their sexual life. The recent studies stated that man who live unhealthy and unhappy life are likely to get hurdle in their sexual life. Disturb, irritate, upset state of mind, stress, depression considered some liable factors, which enhances the risk of sexual disorder in mensuch as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. This condition mostly seems affecting an old age people. One can get rid of sexual disorder.

Fact of Male Impotence

When a man gets sexually motivated, his brain passes signals to the penile nerves. The nerves further boost the blood circulation of the penis, making the tissue wide&tough. In short, anything which likely to impedes with the nervous function or the blood transmission may lead to cause impotence. Anything that upsets the sexual desire,which is also known as libido may result erectile dysfunction since a low libido make more problematic for the brain to elicit an erection. Psychological conditions, such as tension, depression, liable to drop the level of libido & hormonal imbalances.

Erectile dysfunction in older men

Since, erections mainly comprise the compressed blood vessels, which restrict the blood to reach towards the penis and making it active to perform.The condition actually found conflicting in old age man suffering from any kind of complicated health disorder such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, etc. Another reason of vascular causesis a faulty vein, which promotes blood flowmore quickly from the penis. Moreover, some physical disarrays, hormonal disparities& certain operational process may found liable to cause erectile dysfunction.The function of vascular, which generates an erection are managed by the nervous system & certain medication treatment.Some other culprits that found responsible to cause sedatives, diuretics, antihistamines, medicines, cancer, etc.stress alleged another leading factor to cause sexual barriers in men. According to the studies people who hold upset, irritating and unframed mind set are at more risk to get sexual barriers.Not every man is likely to get this sexual mayhem, but a personwho practiceunhealthy habitsare at risk to get this complication.

Physical cause of ED

There are 4main forms of health circumstances that may result causing erectile dysfunctions. Those are:

  • vasculogenic-Situations, which distresses the movement of the blood to the penis.
  • Neurogenic-Situations upsettingthe nervous function, which is finished up of the brain, nerves and spinal cord.
  • Hormonal- situationsdisturbingthe hormonal levels.
  • Anatomical-Situations upsetting the physical edifice of your penis.

Unhealthy Habits

There are various unhealthy habits, which are found liable to cause erectile dysfunction in men.

  • Smoking-besides all, smoking alleged one of the leading factors to causesexual disorder in men. This has become a responsible factor in young generation who mostly prefer puffing cigarettes. An erectile dysfunction has become a leading threat in today’s men’s sexual life. People who prefer smokingexcessively are at more risk to get this sexual hurdle in middle age period. According to the researchsmoking found a biggest threat for the men’s sexual disorder. Low libido, premature ejaculation, impotence, etc. are some widely seen aspects in men who practice smoking in excessive amount.
  • Chewing tobacco- chewing tobacco is another factor that builds sexual mayhem in men. An intake of excessive nicotine contained stuff found threat for the men’s sexual health.
  • Alcohol- Drinking alcohol admitted secondary method for boosting sexual disorder called erectile dysfunction in men. Peopledrinkingexcessivealcohol not only gets the risk of weak organ function, but also drops down the libido level in male. This result fails in the sexual performance.
  • Over medication-an intake of excessive medication is another factor to drop down the men’s libido level and cause sexual mayhem. The studies admitted that people who consume excessive medicine get reduction in the sexual response, which consequences erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. Thus, men suffering from certain complicated health disorder and going under prolong medication treatment are at risk to get sexual barriers.
  • In toxic Drugs- today a young generation found practicing this unhealthy habit,which stood another harmful factor to cause erectile dysfunction in men. Certain toxic drugs like heroine, cocaine or nicotine loaded stuff found accountable to form sexual turmoil in men such as male impotence, premature ejaculation, low libido level, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual motivation, etc. certain harmful stuff is actually breaks down the activity of sexual hormones results sexual failure in men’s health.

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