Anxiety is an obnoxious phase of mental restlessness

Anxiety is an obnoxious phase of mental restlessness or worry that causes physical and psychological discomfort. It is absolutely normal to be anxious regarding the stuff or situations that makes you feel anxiety. You may discover yourself overflowing with fear and insecurity. Anxiety is a ordinary individual sensation. Intense anxiety imbalances individual's concentration and their muscular control.

If an individual cannot lead a happy and satisfied life, they must consult their doctor to know what’s the reason behind their problem which is undiscoverable by themselves. This is a serious psychological disorder, and to reduce symptoms proper treatment should be given.

Types of Anxiety Disorder:

The two important types of anxiety are trait anxiety and state anxiety. There are wide variety of anxiety diseases such as separation anxiety disorder (SepAD), panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), phobic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder (SAD). 

State Anxiety:

Represents a stage of extreme emotion that formed as a reply to an extreme, absurd fright of a particular condition. It is generally the greater fear about an incident or circumstances.

Trait anxiety:

Shows that individual is constantly being stressed and that too much disturbing is the distinguishing trait of their behavior.

Symptoms of Anxiety:

  • Extreme sweating, headache, digestive problems, trembling.
  • Stomach ache or chest ache, dry mouth, cold or sweaty feet and hands.
  • Tingling in the hands or feet, numbness, choking.
  • Increased or irregular heartbeats,
  • Insomnia, uneasiness, tough to focus, muscle ache, dizziness.
  • Irritation, depression, nausea, twitches and teeth grinding.
  • Tremor, social abandonment, diarrhea. 
  • Fear of being judged, substance abuse 
  • In severe cases person may over respond to the situations.
  • Anxiety can be seen every now and then while giving public speech, facing an interview or exam etc
  • Anxiety can seriously show adverse effects on work of the person, family, relationships, and different aspects of life.

Causes of anxiety:

  • Substance abuse or alcohol can provoke this disease. 
  • Bad memories or any vehicle accidents or trauma can cause anxiety assault. 
  • Variety of genetic, ecological, psychosomatic, and developmental factors is the causative factors meant for this turmoil.
  • Hormonal difference, traumatic standard of living, and numerous other physical conditions such as heart disease, menopause, etc., are few of the other general reasons behind this disease.
  • Besides the ecological, emotional, and developmental causes, hereditary factors take part in vital part in this sickness. 
  • The disease may run from one generation to another in families.
  • Hormonal imbalance, distinctive formation of brain part, having persistent physiological problems.
  • Long lasting strain, bitter experiences, daily life and etc. addiction of Drugs or alcohol abuse can deteriorate this disease.


  • The physician will concentrate on the precise reason of pressure or trouble. The situation may get better with medicines or psychological analysis (psychotherapy).
  • The individual is likely to make changes in standard of living and discover how to survive with a complicated situation.
  • Take Anxiety drugs such as Venlafaxine (effexor), Paroxetine (paxil), Buspirone (buspar), Clonazepam (klonopin), Ativan (lorazepam) as prescribed by physician.
  • Antidepressants like Luvox, Cipramil and Prozac may be given which does not cause any excessive weight gain.
  • Work out and healthy food habits will be helpful to manage hormonal stability.
  • Yoga and meditation helps a lot to overcome from panic.
  • Broader approach is mandatory for proper psychological therapy. The physician may suggest antidepressants and sedatives.
  • The folks must inspire the patient to take part in actions that makes them anxious.
  • With the hold up of the dear ones, the person would be able to disregard the bitter past, redirect their mentality away from fears.
  • Keep yourself strong enough to face any circumstances in life.
  • Join an anxiety support assembly. One must readily aim to mingle with the aid of  their family members.

Home Remedies to treat Anxiety:

  • Aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy,  drinking green tea or coffee, long and deep breathing exercise.
  • Take omega 3 fatty acids, 5-HTP, SAM-e.
  • Bubble baths, hot showers. hot water baths or showers, which increases blood circulation in the body, can reduce the symptoms. 
  • Herbal supplements such as st. john’s wort , ginkgo biloba, lemon balm, passionflower, kava, chamomile tea, valerian root, etc., can help reclaim self-confidence.
  • Music always relaxes your mind. Listen to some relaxing music.
  • Beside with the medication, patient can constantly keep trying home remedies if they don't hinder or terminate the effect of medication.
  • Rich consumption of vitamins and minerals, subsequent a strong nutritious diet.
  • Quit alcohol , smoking, take enough rest, spend good time in a garden during sunrise and sunset time, taka a long walk, etc., can reduce the symptoms.
  • Rugby, archery, swimming, athletes with a low status fretfulness may achieve superior.

This kind of anxiety affects the performance of the competitor sincerely.

Follow some of these steps to bring back the unlimited happiness:

  • Understand life’s imperfections and make it perfect.
  • Hang your troubles on a tree, p

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